Sami Hamed

3 things we consider when designing digital experiences for physical products at homefully

How shared urban housing can be revolutionized through digital product design

As physical as a product can be — a shared Community Space in one of homefully’s shared flats in Munich, Germany.

1) Everything can be digital — not everything should be.

Free space for self-development with all essentials taken care of. This is how homefully designs its interior and its digital processes.

Do not develop an app to change your customer’s behavior. Instead, find ways to digitally support everyday processes your customers have to go through to use your product.

2) Where there’s no transparency in processes, frustration will grow.

We identify points of lack of transparency in our processes and develop straightforward ways to digitally navigate them.

3) Trust should be at the center of all design decisions.

New Community Members see this UI after scheduling a move-in date with homefully.

We allow our Community Members to use the physical product in a way that feels natural while supporting all surrounding processes digitally and making housing and living as convenient as possible.

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