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Sami Hamed

How shared urban housing can be revolutionized through digital product design

As physical as a product can be — a shared Community Space in one of homefully’s shared flats in Munich, Germany.

When we talk about digital products, we mostly think of video games, mobile apps, and tools which give us access to content — namely Spotify, Youtube, or Medium. We seldom consider that digital products can also serve as a support function for everyday life processes. Working can be digital. Training…

Photo by Justin Peralta on Unsplash

Conquering the space of numbers - is the first part of a series I’m putting together about the evolution of machine interfaces and their design throughout time. It is based on notes collected during a research I did before starting to work in software development, studying social anthropology at Goethe…

This essay goes out to all those who decided to jump on the developer bandwagon a little later than most of their peers. Maybe you’ve just created your first `index.html` file and are interested in what professional software development looks like. Maybe you’ve just landed your first job in web…

Sami Hamed

VP of Product Experience at

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